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Justice League: The Snyder Cut

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

It is impossible to pick one instance from where one can start writing about the Snyder Cut, so let’s just go chronologically. The film starts out on a very different note compared to the Joss Whedon Cut (Lord bless the man’s soul for trying), and by that I do not mean the continuation from the death of Superman, I mean when you see Snyder talking about how much he appreciates the fanbase for wanting this and getting it done, as well as the love that everyone has shown him and his wife ever since it was revealed Snyder left the DCEU because of the events regarding his daughter Autumn’s death, and honestly, it even moved the steel-hearted movie-goer in me to tears. Emotions aside, the film really does have a monumentally different look from the previous version, despite featuring a lot of the same things. The audio-visual representation of Superman’s death being the reason the Mother Boxes woke up just makes everything seem much more well knit and coherent as compared to random assertions that the first film made. The opening part just adds a lot more depth to everything, which was missing in the Whedon edition compared to the Snyder Cut. That is explained by how Snyder devotes slightly more time to the sequences where Bruce tries to recruit the members of the Justice League. There is also one thing that I feel went pretty much under the radar despite in my honest opinion it being the third or second best thing in the entire film, which is Cyborg’s origin story when Silas Stone explains to Victor what he is and what he can do. From the start when his accident is shown, to the point that he is the living and breathing replica of a Mother-Box, it gives a whole new look and meaning, and more importantly, a very un-Teen Titans like look and feel towards Cyborg’s character. That is something that I feel that genuinely deserves to be appreciated more as it gives meaning to a character that is in general viewed as being not as powerful or someone who doesn’t belong in the company of the strongest in the Justice League, whereas he absolutely does. The best part of the film is of course without a doubt, the introduction of the beings of Apokolips, from a re-worked and much more beastly Steppenwolf, to the likes of DeSaad and of course, the great one himself, Darkseid. Introducing a villain that in all honesty makes Marvel’s Thanos seem like a children’s soft toy in all the glory that his ethereal form deserves is something that I really must commend the film for. However there is one complaint, the reveals of characters considered as absolute classics in the DCU, like Darkseid and Martian Manhunter are so delightfully subtle and well worked, but II am certain a section of the film could have been reserved for these guys because at the end of the day, you don’t get more iconic than those two in the DC Universe in most cases.

As the film progresses, you just keep seeing so many gradual improvements, from the look and personalities of regular as well as side characters to the way the different conflicts were resolved, which are included but not limited to Barry turning back time using the Speed Force to Cyborg facing internal conflict when he tries to stop The Unity, the film is just filled with all the tweaks the DC Fanbase wanted and deserved, and Snyder should be given all the credit for actually doing this out of love for the fans, especially after how the fanbase rallied together to back him after his daughter’s death. It is the perfect result from the love affair that the fans have with Snyder. There are a slight number of complaints, some of which are justified. Weirdly enough one of them is the score, where I agree that the score did leave a little something to be desired considering how good the cinematography of the scenes was, apart from the Superman scores which are just a throwback to the Hans Zimmer scores from Man Of Steel, not that there’s anything wrong with that AT ALL. The second is the abstract nature of the dream as well as the Luthor/Deathstroke sequences that viewers didn’t like, which is something I believe that can only only be justified or debunked once there is a solid announcement regarding a sequel, because let’s face it, the fans deserve everything they can get. The third, which is frankly the stupidest of the lot, is people criticising the length, because these are those people who will watch the entire Infinity War Saga in one go and not bring this exact same thing up. All I can say at the end is, if you think it’s too long, then take a break mid-way based on the number of parts, and then watch the rest after 15 minutes, 15 hours or 15 months. However, definitely watch Justice League: The Snyder Cut, because this is one hell of a film that you don’t want to miss out on. It might seem slightly stupid saying this about a DC film, especially with the shit-show that was WW84 (Patty Jenkins I love you but sorry, that was horrific), believe the hype, because the film lives up to it and then some.

At the end, I’d just like to say one thing that is personal rather than professional

Rest In Peace Autumn Snyder

You are someone we as the entire DC Fanbase wish who could’ve been here for this, whose artistry we could have seen

This one’s for you Autumn, RIP.

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